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Haphazard Chevron Pillow from Quilting Happiness by Diane Gilleland and Christina Lane

Here are instructions for the Haphazard Chevron Pillow from Quilting Happiness. You can change its look by changing the fabrics; subtle prints create a whole other effect than the solids used here. Try out some different colors and patterns. And MAKE yourself happy!

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Turning Old Clothes Into Beautiful Quilts by the authors of Quilting Happiness

Turning old garments into usable fabrics is a simple, enjoyable process. In this piece, Diane Gilleland, author of Quilting Happiness shares some of her favorite techniques.

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Precut Honeycomb Tutorial by Jessica Alexandrakis

Do you like to sew with precut fabrics? Jessica Alexandrakis, author of Quilting on the Go, was inspired by a new collection of precut hexagons. They seemed like the perfect shortcut for her favorite quilting technique, English paper piecing! In this tutorial, Jessica shares the method she has developed for getting the most out of precut fabrics.

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Q&A with Jessica Alexandrakis on Her New Book, Quilting on the Go

With just a tiny travel sewing kit and scraps of fabric, quilter and author of Quilting on the Go Jessica Alexandrakis creates stunning, intricate quilts that are surprisingly easy to make. In our interview, Jessica shares what she loves about this technique and tips to make it even more enjoyable.

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A Potter Craft Baby Shower

If your office is anything like ours, you may have noticed a sudden rise in baby bumps! This should come as no surprise considering the early fall months are the most common for babies to be born. We at CrafterNews absolutely love this time of year because it gives us an opportunity to work on adorable baby crafts!

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Log Cabin Quilting for the Fourth of July by Susan Beal, author of Modern Log Cabin Quilting

The Log Cabin quilting design is one of the most American of patterns, and I’ll be wearing my Block Pocket Apron for our little Fourth of July barbecue this year. If you’d like to make an apron for yourself, too, July is the perfect time to stitch one up!

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Guest Post: Why I Love Log Cabin Quilting by Susan Beal, Author of Modern Log Cabin Quilting

The multitalented Susan Beal (sewist, jewelry maker, screen printer, craft author) once found quilting intimidating. But after attempting a log cabin quilt block for a pillow during a craft night, she quickly discovered that log cabin quilting was simple, incredibly adaptable, and the perfect place to start for a new quilter or anyone interested in using quilt techniques in other crafts.

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