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Free Project: Crystalline Scarf from Tie-Dye by Shabd Simon-Alexander


Tie-dye has grown up and resurfaced as one of today’s most inspired looks.

From runway collections to celebrity style, the modern twist on tie-dye is more sophisticated, but making it is still as much fun as ever.

In Tie-Dye, artist, designer, and teacher Shabd Simon-Alexander shows how fashion forward, fresh, and fabulous tie-dye can be on everything from leggings and dresses to home decor.

We at CrafterNews are super excited to dress up our summer whites with brightly colored tie-dyed scarves.

One of our favorites is Shabd’s Crystalline Scarf. This technique creates a cool marbled look, but is much easier than the standard marbling technique. You don’t even need rubber bands—just scrunch up your scarf and pour dye over it.

The colors Shabd uses for this project are indicated below, but you can select whatever colors you’d like. But before you start mixing haphazardly, review Shabd’s guide to color mixing, below.

Dye is applied as a liquid and tends to bleed, so colors placed next to each other will often overlap and mix. In addition to the basic color theory concepts, it is important to think about how colors will react when combined in a bottle or used together on one dye project. When used on the same project, a yellow dye and a blue dye are likely to blend and give you green. Complementary colors placed next to each other may blend and create a muddy brown, so choose carefully when using a lot of colors together in one dye project.

Crystalline Scarf From Tie-Dye by Shabd Simon-Alexander by CrafterNews



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Dye It, Wear It, Share It
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Format: Paperback, 160 pages
On Sale: June 4, 2013
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