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Crafts to Make You Laugh—Science Edition


What do you get when you combine one part scientific knowledge, one part crafty creativity, and two parts humor? All kinds of explosively amusing new crafts!

Whether you’re a scientist, a bona fide nerd, or just a devoted fan of “The Big Bang Theory,” science geekery has evolved into mainstream cool, and even mainstream comedy.

We here at CrafterNews have studied these crafts thoroughly, and find them to be one hundred percent hilarious.

We adore these crafters’ hysterical projects, from organic Einstein plant hair, to naturally selected greeting cards, or smart little amigurumi flask buddies for their personal laboratories.

You’d have to be a robot not to laugh at these astounding new creations!

All images were taken from the crafters’ and artists’ websites or online shops. Click on the photos to visit the original sources.

We hope these crafts make you laugh!


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