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Crafts to Make You Laugh: Ironic Terrariums


Who thought greenery could be so funny?

Terrariums might seem like perfectly tame, serene little ecosystems, but it turns out some of these bottled landscapes look they belong in a strange parallel dimension!

Crafters and terrarium enthusiasts all around the Internet have been nurturing their wild creations by populating them with sometimes adorable (and sometimes strange) figurines, accessories, and décor. We love these hilarious twists on traditional terrariums, and just can’t get enough of how surreal these habitats can be.

With lusciously hysterical projects including a tiny terrarium with legs, a verdant zombie apocalypse, or a perfectly manicured little park fit for a president, these imaginative landscapes had us cracking up! Not to mention we are more than just a little bit green with envy.

All images were taken from the crafters’ and artists’ websites or online shops. Click on the photos to visit the original sources.

We hope these crafts make you laugh!


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