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Celebrate the Return of Mad Men with Drink Tips from Sal Romano


Anticipation is mounting for the two-hour season premier of Mad Men this Sunday, and we at CrafterNews are thrilled!

We’ve watched and re-watched the trailers for the new season, trying to figure out what Matthew Weiner has in store for us this time.

We prepared the menu for our Mad Men screening.

We assembled our 1960s –inspired outfits.

And when it comes to cocktails, we’re taking a page out of a Mad Men cast member’s book . . . literally.

In Big, Easy Style, Bryan Batt (miss ya, Sal!) invites us into his home and shares the stunning walnut armoire that he converted into a wet bar (in true Mad Men fashion). Bryan also offers a guide to stocking your bar.

Take a page out of Bryan Batt’s book, and you’ll be ready to host your Mad Men screening in style . . . we know we will.

Big, Easy Style

According to Sal Bryan, every bar should have:
– Ice bucket
– Waiter’s corkscrew—learn how to use one.
– Cocktail shaker—opt for stainless steel.
– Jigger—until you can eyeball measurements.
– Juicer—choose a wooden reamer or “dish”
– Strainer—to keep that pesky ice out of your “up” drinks
– Bar spoon—for stirring when shaking is a no-no.
– Muddler—well, for muddling.
– Proper glassware—look for glasses of appropriate size that make a lady look like Audrey and a gentleman look like James Bond.
– Linen cocktail napkins—because we are grown-ups now.

Happy Mad Men-ing!


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