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Crafter of the Month: The Knitter’s Book of Wool Challenge


Have you ever loved a book so much that you wanted to make every project from it?

We certainly have, which is part of the reason why Dot Vander Pol is such an inspiration. She has knitted every project from The Knitter’s Book of Wool (at least once!) and shares her experience in this month’s Crafter of the Month feature.

I have been a fan of Clara Parkes’s from Knitters Review, so any book of hers wins my heart.

I decided to make every project in The Knitter’s Book of Wool as a response to a challenge on the KBOW forum on Ravelry. I realized upon reading the book cover to cover that the projects in the book would stretch my skills. There were just the right number of projects to challenge me without overwhelming me.

All the modifications I made to the patterns are described in detail in each of my posts on Ravelry. The Leafy Glen Shell (ooh la la!) was the most challenging for this granny, but I managed to modify it to suit me. I tried to maintain the integrity of each of the lessons, so I did not veer greatly from the recommended yarns. I spun my own yarn for some of the projects.

My favorite project is the Comfy Cardigan, which I made twice. It works best with a silky yarn that drapes well. I also loved every shawl, as well as my Risti Mittens. I wear them frequently and proudly.

Even after the challenge, I still am repeating some of the patterns. My son lived in an adult foster care home, and I made a Hill Country Hat for every resident in the home, including the house parents. That pattern is so quick that I’ve made 14 of them so far.

This book is a classic gem, and a wonderful book for knitters who want to advance their knowledge.

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Sandy April 5th, 2013

I am so proud to call Dot VanderPol my friend. She is an incredible inspiration to all who know her!

Noreen April 5th, 2013

Dot is one AMAZING knitter!

Cindy April 6th, 2013

What an awesome knitter and more importantly a wonderful person of integrity! What an inspiration she is to all knitters! Knit on my friend!

Kay April 7th, 2013

I remember watching Dot working her way through the patterns in the BofW. It seemed so daunting to me. I have added the Cozy Cardi to my Favs. Love Dot’s aqua version.

Beth Gregory April 7th, 2013

What a challenge. Congratulations on completing the entire book! Would love to know your Ravelry name so I can see all of your projects. What a great way to learn and retain the knowledge the KBOW has to offer!

Linda April 7th, 2013

Dot, I think you have definitely earned more than 15 minutes of fame! What a knitter!

Mary Jane April 7th, 2013

Amazing! For a novice knitter this is overwhelming! Dottie has been my friend for years, and if anyone would have the determination to complete this project she would be the one.

Eileen April 9th, 2013

Dottie wow I am proud of you and deserve any praise you get from your wonderful accomplishments…keep knitting , keeps you out of Keith’s hair lol

Dot Vander Pol April 9th, 2013

By popular request–well, one–my Ravelry handle is Justfeltcreative.

Dot Vander Pol April 10th, 2013

To see all my projects from the Knitters Book of Wool on Ravelry! Go to my page ( Justfeltcreative) ) and enter KBOW in the search box

Deepa April 10th, 2013

Wow, way to go Dot! I love both KBOW and KBOY- so much wonderful information and inspiration for a fiberista.



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