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Ask the Experts: Timesaving Sewing Secrets


Are your Pinterest boards full of projects you with you wish you had time for? Have you saved more patterns than you could possibly sew in a lifetime? Let’s face it: We’d all love to have more hours in a day to devote to our favorite crafts.

For you sewing enthusiasts, we’ve rounded up some of the best-kept secrets from renowned designers, authors, and bloggers on how they save time without cutting corners or sacrificing quality.

WENDY MULLIN, author of Built by Wendy Dresses and Built by Wendy Coats and Jackets:
Use weights to hold down fabric while you cut instead of pinning pattern all the way around.

CAL PATCH, author of Design-It-Yourself Clothes:
Since I am a designer, I prefer to make multiples of things at the same time, as it ends up being so much faster than sewing one piece at a time. The only catch is, they all need to use the same color of thread!

MARY ADAMS, author of The Party Dress Book:
I find that pressing with a hot steam iron is the key to keeping things clear, in line, flat, and ready for the next step.

STEFFANI LINCECUM, author of Patternmaking for a Perfect Fit:
Use a rotary cutter! I used to think they were just for quilters and then I spent a week cutting at a costume factory in Napa with my friend Kij. She is the inspiring patternmaker in my life and when I saw that she had switched to rotary cutters it gave me permission to use them. I haven’t looked back. There’s no comparison when I consider the time I’ve saved. When cutting multiples, I can cut a stack straight down without any pinning. I also like all the fancy blades they are coming out with now because of the papercrafting industry. They’re great for finishing bias edges or fleece.

KATHY CANO-MURILLO, author of Crafty Chica’s Guide to Artful Sewing:
I have a sewing box where I keep everything I need close by. Instead of using a boring thread holder to store my spools, I have a colorful wreath that I use to hold my spools. I keep it by my sewing area so I can get inspired by the colors, and it makes for a nice art piece, too!

AMY KAROL, author of Bend-the-Rules Sewing and Bend the Rules with Fabric:
Sew when you are at your best. It sounds simple, but when I sew late a night (almost never) I always make mistakes and it’s not fun. I am a morning person, so I sew in the morning. My brain works better and I don’t make silly errors, which can really waste a ton of time.



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