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April 2013

Crafts to Make You Laugh: Ironic Terrariums

Who thought greenery could be so funny? Terrariums might seem like perfectly tame, serene little ecosystems, but it turns out some of these bottled landscapes look they belong in a strange parallel dimension!

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Celebrate the Return of Mad Men with Drink Tips from Sal Romano

Anticipation is mounting for the two-hour season premier of Mad Men this Sunday, and we at CrafterNews are thrilled! We prepared the menu for our Mad Men screening. We assembled our 1960s –inspired outfits.
And when it comes to cocktails, we’re taking a page out of a Mad Men cast member’s book . . . literally.

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Crafter of the Month: The Knitter’s Book of Wool Challenge

Have you ever loved a book so much that you wanted to make every project from it? We certainly have, which is part of the reason why Dot Vander Pol is such an inspiration. She has knitted every project from The Knitter’s Book of Wool (at least once!) and shares her experience in this month’s Crafter of the Month feature.

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Free Project: Jesse Doll Bear Hat from Just Like Me Knits

To celebrate the release of Just Like Me Knits by Brandy Fortune, we’re featuring a free project download of the Jesse Doll Bear Hat!

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Ask the Experts: Timesaving Sewing Secrets

For you sewing enthusiasts, we’ve rounded up some of the best-kept secrets from renowned designers, authors, and bloggers on how they save time without cutting corners or sacrificing quality.

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