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Spring-Load Your Crochet Hooks by Doris Chan


Renowned designer Doris Chan is sought after for her appealing crochet designs. Her fully customizable patterns allow crocheters to creatively adapt any project to fit their personal size and body shape.

Now Doris is shaking up the crochet world with her new book, Convertible Crochet, which shows crocheters how to transform familiar motifs into versatile designs that can be assembled or styled into multiple books. A lacy cape transforms into a swinging skirt; a cardigan unbuttons into a sari wrap or shawl. The options are endless!

Convertible Crochet is filled with garments perfect for any season–not just the cold winter months. Crocheted pieces can be worn all year round! In the guest post below, Doris Chan advises us not to let our crochet hooks go idle in the spring and summer–to “spring-load” our hooks!

Don’t allow your crochet hook to go idle just because the weather is getting warmer. Spring-load your hook!

Making the transition from cozy winter crochet projects to warm weather creations can be as simple as swapping out that pile of wool or other dense, insulating fiber yarns for airier or more breathable, moisture controlling fiber yarns such as blends with cotton, linen, hemp and lenpur in your favorite designs.

Another approach to lightening up your crochet is to go finer. Try substituting a thinner yarn, using a smaller gauge and working more stitches in your favorite project if the pattern allows. Leave off the sleeves of your pullover or cardigan and make a vest to layer over a T-shirt or cami. Re-imagine that thick, woolly worsted weight scarf or wrap as a flirty accessory by switching to a nearly weightless novelty ribbon or tape yarn that works to the same gauge.

Spring is also the time to parade your crochet lace. Set your hook to work on open-stitch fabric or brush up your skills with alternate lace techniques such as hairpin, filet, broomstick and Irish crochet. Whip up a twirly, lacy skirt; the same properties that make lace skirts so problematic for winter (all those holes!) are perfectly welcome in warm weather. If you’re not comfortable with wearing a lace skirt over a slip, perhaps too much slip showing for your taste, then try layering a skirt over shorts, Capri leggings or over a simple little tank dress.

And if you are getting a big head start on your holiday gift list, you could spring-load those projects, too. Just because you’ll be giving things in winter doesn’t automatically mean those gifts have to be strictly winter items. Surprise them with something light and lacy and they’ll be even more anxious for spring to arrive.

-Doris Chan


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