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Look What We Made: DIY Valentine’s Day Cards


As Valentine’s Day approaches, it seems impossible to escape the invasion of candy, flowers, and cards exploding from every store I walk past.

My girlfriends and I always have a Valentine’s Day celebration of our own, regardless of whether we’re single or taken. I like to get them something small, but I’ve never been a fan of store-bought cards.

After spending hours exploring the wealth of gorgeous paper cut designs on Etsy and Pinterest, I decided it was the perfect time of year to try my hand at making my own cards.

I love simple paper-cut designs. These were especially inspiring (click each photo below for the artist and original source).

For my card, I drew a simple design on cardstock with a pencil. I was pretty nervous about using a swiveling X-Acto knife for the first time to cut out my design, but I used some scrap paper to practice getting in the rhythm of it. Once I was ready, I slowly cut out my design and then used Mod Podge to carefully glue a piece of red cardstock inside of the card. And voila! My first handmade Valentine’s Day card!

I Love Ya Card II Love Ya Card

It’s simple, but I hope the friend who receives it knows that I made it with love. It was fun to try working with my own freehand design, and I definitely have a newfound admiration for papercrafters and artists. This is a great way to show a little extra love, no matter who the recipient will be!

Happy Valentine’s Day,


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