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Knitted Farm Animals Take Manhattan, Part Two


You’ve already seen how the cover stars for Knitted Farm Animals lived it up in Manhattan during their cover shoot.

But there have been plenty more knitted animals seen roaming around New York City, including a chicken, pig, cow, and donkey.

This ain’t no urban myth, we have the pics to prove it.

Wondering what sights they checked out in the Big Apple?

Read on for their off-the-farm adventures.

Chicken and Chicks on Motorcycle

Keeping all of her little chicks together is no easy feat while navigating the streets of New York, but this yarn-forward hen manages to cart them around in style on a rented motorcycle. While there’s lots of traffic, she found driving a motorcycle easier than driving a tractor!

Cow at Brooklyn Bridge Park

Meanwhile, the cow is roaming around Brooklyn Bridge Park. It may not be much like the fiber-full pastures back home, but it was nice to see some green grass in the big city.

Cow and Pizza. Yum!

Walking around the park has made even this knit-picky cow hungry, so he’s going to try some classic New York pizza. It looks like a slice of heaven!

Pig Looking at Records

The pig has been checking out the record stores down in SoHo. They didn’t have his favorite band, Purl Jam, but he did discover some awesome new tunes. He can’t wait to bring it home and listen to it in his pigpen while he unwinds.

Donkey Getting a Pretzel

While this donkey waits for a cab, he checks out some delicious food carts. He can’t get enough of those knotty pretzels. If he were anymore stuffed he’d burst!

Those chicks may have gone wild, but the other farm animals sure had a good time as well!



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