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Thanksgiving Memory from Me Ra Koh, author of Your Baby in Pictures


In the days leading up to Thanksgiving, CrafterNews will be sharing favorite Thanksgiving stories from some of our authors.

Last week, Wendy Johnson told us about her nontraditional Thanksgiving living as a child in Europe (we personally love the sound of a traditional dinner and a visit to the Louvre!).

Today’s memory comes from Me Ra Koh, photographer and author of Your Baby in Pictures and the forthcoming Your Child in Pictures which hits bookstores next fall.

“I remember the first Thanksgiving after Brian and I were married. Even though it isn’t true, you assume that everyone celebrates holidays the same way. Brian was in for a big surprise when he walked into my parent’s dining room and saw half a dozen bowls of kimchee and a big bowl of rice. Mashed potatoes were nowhere to be found! We all started laughing because the Koreans in our family pick rice over mashed potatoes any day, Thanksgiving or not. Well for the last 15 years, you can guess what Brian volunteers to bring.”

-Me Ra

Want to hear more from Me Ra Koh? Check out an excerpt from Your Baby in Pictures for tips and tricks on using photography to capture your own family memories this Thanksgiving.

Your Baby in Pictures by Me Ra Koh – Excerpt


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