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Five Things that Terrify Corrina Lawson, Co-Author of Geek Mom


Halloween is nearly upon us and we at CrafterNews could not be more excited! Not only have we been putting finishing touches on our crafty costumes, but in the spirit of the Halloween season, we’ve also teamed up with our sister sites, Books for Better Living, Crown Publishing, Read it Forward, and The Recipe Club, to ask our authors: What five things terrify you the most?

On Tuesday, we shared five things that terrify mochimochi mastermind Anna Hrachovec.

With just a few days until Halloween, we’re thrilled to present five things that terrify Corrina Lawson, co-author of Geek Mom.

Five Things that Terrify Me: Geek Mom Edition
1. Siri
Sure, the technology section of the Geek Mom book is entitled “Resistance is Futile,” but Siri already tells me she doesn’t want to talk about Hal. I have no doubt the i*Cloud* is just one step removed from *Sky*net.

2. Shaky Cam
All the most horrible events seemed to be filmed by shaky cams. If you see one of those, run off-screen quick or become part of the death toll.

3. Being a parent in a Disney movie
Dead or evil. Pick one! Neither is very appealing.

4. Geeky Embarrassment
For instance, when you wear your Gotham Central Police Department t-shirt at school event and other parents mistake you for a real police officer.

5. Clowns
They are terrifying and that includes Krusty and Ronald McDonald. There could be nothing worse than a house built on top of an ancient clown burial ground.


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