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The Tale of Two Friends by Debbie Macomber


It’s no secret that many knitters are also avid readers. If you’re one of them, you’ll love this guest post from bestselling novelist (and yarn shop owner) Debbie Macomber, celebrating her close friendship with knitwear designer, teacher, and author Nicky Epstein.

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If you’ve read any of my books there are key elements about me that you’ve probably picked up on. One is that I’m a knitter. I would say that a good 75 percent of all the books I’ve ever written have a knitter appear at some point in the story.

Okay, I’m more than a knitter. I’m a yarn-a-holic. But thankfully I am not alone. There are others like me in this world who can’t live without being surrounded by yarn and numerous projects scattered about the house, the car, the laundry room. . .you get the idea.

When two yarn-a-holics meet we instantly recognize eachother. That was the case with Nicky Epstein and me. Our eyes met across a crowded convention floor. People bustled about, but Nicky instantly caught my attention. She had a pair of knitting needles in her hand and I had. . . a cookie. Peanut butter as I recall (I should also mention I’m a foodie!). I spied Nicky’s knitting project, and she spied my cookie. In that instant I recognized that we would be friends. And I was right. I brought her a cookie—it was the least I could do—and she shared a wickedly difficult knitting pattern with me (I’ve since forgiven her).

In case you don’t know Nicky Epstein, she is one of the knitting celebrities of our generation—one of the most creative, smart, funny and personable knitwear designers around. The woman can walk on water—or wool— whatever the case might be. In addition to creating some of the most amazing knitting patterns she’s also a marketing dynamo.

Cookies, our love of yarn, and knitting aren’t the only common thread between Nicky and me.

Nicky writes romances.

I write romances.

You’ve never read Nicky’s romances? Well, okay, fair enough. They aren’t sold as fiction. They are her pattern books. Each piece is a Nicky Epstein story—a story of love and passion.

My romances pale by comparison.

Nicky’s pattern books are published by a division of Random House.

My books are published by a division of Random House (blatant sales pitch to follow: Look for the first book in my new series The Inn at Rose Harbor, which will be released August 14, 2012. And in case you’re wondering, the heroine knits).

Nicky threw out the opening pitch at the Mariner’s Stitch ‘n’ Pitch baseball game in Seattle. And. . . drum roll please. . .she tossed that baseball over home plate. This girl has got a great arm (it’s all that knitting and the fact that her father and uncles would have never let her live it down if she failed).

I too, your humble author, tossed out the opening pitch at the Mariner’s baseball game. And. . . sad to say, I did not get the ball over home plate. Okay, to be fair, I had a torn rotator cuff. After my one pitch, I was immediately placed on injured reserve and sent back to the minors.

This is the tale of two friends. A match made in heaven . . . a.k.a. a yarn store.



Nancy S July 12th, 2012

I’ve read both authors books and like them all. Debbie your books are fun and addictive. Nicky, your designs are amazing,and often challenging. Keep up the great work!

Carol July 14th, 2012

I have met both ladies and they are lovely women. Their books prove that they are also both extremely talented.



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