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Q&A a Day with Nora Bellows: What's Your Favorite Flower?


To celebrate the release of Noni Flowers, we’re featuring a Q&A a day with designer and author Nora Bellows.

In the second Q&A, we asked Nora about her favorite flowers. Check out her response below!

CrafterNews: What’s your favorite flower?

Nora Bellows: I can’t possibly limit myself to one favorite, as I find that flowers astonish and delight me the more I know about them. But I do find that I have a favorite of the moment and there are flowers in the book that were particularly difficult and I somehow pulled them off.

The flowers that have, at least for now, special places in my heart are the Star Magnolia and the Oriental Lily.

I photographed the Star Magnolia on branches from the Star Magnolia in my front yard. Several times I went out with clippers to take branches (apologizing profusely every time). Even now there is a magnolia branch in a Chinese vase on my desk with a single knitted Star Magnolia flower on it. It is my one of my picks for a stunning home décor piece.

The Oriental Lily was one of the last flowers I designed and so benefitted from all the work that I had accomplished. I was bolder with the delicacy of details and the intricacy of petals. Every time I see the photograph of the felted and unfelted flowers among the foliage of an actual lily it surprises me with the way I am almost fooled, even though I know better.

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