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Six Tips to Celebrate Crochet Week from Doris Chan


National Crochet Week is March 16–22, and there is plenty you can do to celebrate one of America’s favorite crafts. Doris Chan, award-winning author of Crochet Lace Innovations and Everyday Crochet, gives us 6 ideas to spend a crochet-filled week.

1. Take it to the streets! Crochet in public any chance you get. Think of all the stitching you can get done while riding the bus, cheering on your team at a game, or chatting over coffee. Just don’t try crocheting while driving. Keep a go-bag at the door with a portable project so you’re ready to fill any downtime in your schedule.

2. Show your crochet. Wear your crocheted garments, accessories, and jewelry and use those purses and market bags. Bask in the compliments.

3. Learn a new skill. Alternative and specialized crochet techniques such as Tunisian, hairpin lace, filet, and Irish crochet are all getting lots of attention this season. This means more designs, projects, and how-to information is going to be out there like never before.

4. Teach someone to crochet. Pass on what you have learned. Nothing solidifies your own skills as thoroughly as bringing a newbie along.

5. Visit your local yarn shop and check out the new yarn and tool offerings. Treat yourself to a new pattern book or skeins of special yarn or a set of fancy hooks. Wander around your local craft store to see what’s going on in other departments besides yarn. Look for inspiration and materials in other crafts, such as beading, jewelry making, sewing, even scrapbooking.

6. Connect with other crocheters. Join a local stitching group or guild chapter. If you’re more into social media than face-time, there are many ways to share crochet online on sites like Ravelry, Crochet Liberation Front, Crochetville, and CrochetMe.



Sisters Playing House March 11th, 2012

We are featuring crochet projects this whole week on our blog. Come check it out:

Judy Cinerari March 11th, 2012

My husband has just fallen over laughing at the idea of me fitting in any MORE crochet in my week!



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