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Runes Foretell the Future by Margaret Shepherd, Author of Learn World Calligraphy


Runes in northern Europe and Britain were the key to understanding long before the Roman alphabet ever arrived. These letters made of straight lines have their own air of mystery, which is still evoked today by divining the future from a few runes. Used by everyone from the Druids of early England to the Dwarves of Middle Earth, runes breathe magic that you can enjoy.

Consulting the rune stones is like reading tarot cards. Several traditional systems advise you how to reach in, how to cast the stone or stones, and how to interpret them. People draw out one, three, nine, or a handful; experts disagree about whether the set of some two dozen should include one blank stone.

To inspire letter artists, Margaret Shepherd created the set of rune stones shown in the third chapter of her new book, Learn World Calligraphy. The steps given here show how to make your own stones.

• Clay, gingerbread dough, or polymer clay
• Blunt scriber, such as a fork tine or an old ball-point pen
• Cloth at least 8” x 20” (10 cm x 50 cm)
• Drawstring cord at least 20” (50 cm)
• Optional: thinline paint marker

Rune stones:


• Roll out a slab about ½“ thick. Cut it into little rectangular tiles about 1” x 1 ½” (3 x 4 cm, or about as big as the end of your thumb).
• Scribe each tile with a different character from the chart given here.
• If you want extra contrast, press a tiny thread of clay into the groove before baking.
• Bake the tiles or let them harden. If you want more contrast after baking, darken or lighten the groove with paint. A thin-line paint marker lets you add a solid color or gold.


Runestone bag

• Use a piece of soft material at least 8” x 16”. (20 x 40 cm)
• Double it inside out and sew along two of the three two open sides.
• Fold over 1” (2.5 cm) along the last open edge and sew it down to make a channel for the drawstring, finishing by hand to leave an opening for the drawstring. (diagram)

Put the rune stones in the bag, draw out one, three, or seven, and see your future more clearly. The chart above provides some simple interpretations to start you off.

-Margaret Shepherd



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