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Ask the Experts: New Year's Resolutions


Welcome to 2012!

We’ve clinked champagne glasses, sung “Auld Lang Syne,” and toasted the end of another year of fabulous crafts, books, and of course the talented designers who write them. But we can’t forget about another tradition: making New Year’s resolutions! We wondered what our crafty experts had on their agendas for 2012, and these five authors gave us a sneak peek into their plans, hopes, and dreams for the coming year.

JESSICA PARTAIN, author of The Polymer Clay Cookbook:
I have so many resolutions for 2012! I plan to start offering classes via Skype since I love to teach and would like to offer classes to people regardless of where they live. Also, I’m excited to start working on a new line of retro foods: TV dinners, jelly molds, pineapple upside-down cakes, and the like, all inspired by images in magazines from the 1940s–1960s.

LINDA PERMANN, author of Little Crochet and Crochet Adorned:
Each year I resolve to learn at least one new skill. In past years, I’ve taken printmaking, knitting, pottery, and sewing classes. My love of making is really fueled by a lifelong passion for learning. In 2012, I plan to learn Tunisian crochet. I’ve taught myself the basics, but I signed up for a class with an expert, so I can set aside the time to have fun with it. I’m excited about all of the new things I’ll be able to do with my ever-growing stash of yarn.

CHRISTINE SCHMIDT, author of Print Workshop:
This year I resolve to learn how to make stained glass and somehow acquire the patience for weaving. I am expecting my first baby in late January so I am using my bag of tricks (which you can find in Print Workshop) to pimp out the soon-to-be nursery. Stenciled curtains, stamped crib bedding, and the mobile from my book will make an appearance. I created a graphic stamp for the birth announcement and once she is born I’ll carve another stamp for all the baby deets.

JODI KAHN author of Simply Sublime Gifts and Simply Sublime Bags:
Many of my resolutions have to do with health and exercise, family and friends, but I also have some work goals. First, I want to spend more time working on my blog, adding more new projects, video tutorials, and giveaways. I’ve been surprised at how much fun it has been to grow the site, and I’ve met so many wonderful, creative people through the blog. I am also thinking about creating some products to sell, either on my blog or through Etsy. And I need to spruce up my workspaces, which I share with my kids. Both my office and basement are sorely in need of makeovers!

SUSAN BEAL, author of Modern Log Cabin Quilting:
I have two New Year’s resolutions for 2012. The first one is to build my crochet skills. Linda Permann gave me an in-person lesson and helped me make one of her gorgeous flower motifs when she visited Portland a couple of years ago. I saved it for decorating my Drawstring Bag when I designed the projects for Modern Log Cabin Quilting. Now my daughter Pearl has requested a Swing Set Cardigan (from Little Crochet) and I can’t wait to make one for her!

The second resolution is to finally get my unruly email inbox down to zero. We’ll see how that one goes! I’m more excited about crocheting something pretty, to say the least.

Happy New Year!



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