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Angel Origami Ornament from Crease and Fold by Sok Song


Whether it is a 50-foot dragon made of gum wrappers or a legion of paper hummingbird ornaments, origami genius and author Sok Song has helped create some of the most spectacular origami holiday trees around.

Here are a few hints for making your own show-stopping origami tree, as well as a free angel ornament from his book Crease and Fold: Innovative Origami Projects Anyone Can Make.

Choose paper in bright colors or simple prints: “Dark colors tend to get lost, as do any greens that match a tree.” Sok suggests, “papers with solid colors, visible fibers, and/or a nice sheen.”

Consider your lights: “If you are doing an all origami tree, I would suggest that you don’t use internal lights at all. Lights coming from inside the tree can be distracting, and people won’t be able to see all the hard work you’ve put into folding for the tree. Spotlighting is what I’d recommend.”

Save your ornaments: “Individually pack these in tissue paper and store for another year.” Just as with store-bought ornaments, mixing some old origami ornaments with some new ones next year, can be a nice touch.

Reuse leftover ornaments to decorate greeting cards: Using glue, attach your origami model onto the front of any blank greeting card.

Angel Origami Ornament From Crease and Fold by Sok Song


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