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DIY Wedding Series Part 4: Escort Tags


Vintage tags in different shapes and sizes are the order of the day for my escort cards. These will be pinned with straight pins to my wine cork bulletin boards.

– Aged card stock
– Thin cardboard
– Hole punch
– Hole reinforcers

1. From the cardboard cut forms for tags in different shapes and sizes. Make sure that they are at least big enough to write a name on.

2. Trace around the forms on aged cardstock (see the how-to for aged card stock). I did whole sheets for each type of tag until I reached the number I needed.

3. Cut out the tags.

4. Put a hole reinforcer at the top of each tag. I bought my hole reinforcers at Michaels. Scrapbooking stores will have more options besides the plain white reinforcers that can be found at office supply stores.

5. Punch a hole in the middle of the hole reinforcer. I punched my hole after I put on the reinforcer instead of after because I didn’t want there to be any gaps between the hold on the tag and the reinforcer.

6. Write name and table number on the tag.

7. Pin to board. Or if you’re using for another use, such as a gift, you can attach the tag with wraphia or twine.

– Emily

If you missed the first four installments, check them out here: Introduction, Wine Cork Bulletin Boards, Menus, and Table Numbers.



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