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Mochis on a Plane and Mochimochi Photo Challenge


Last month we shared some of our adventures at TNNA, the National NeedleArts Association show, in Columbus Ohio. We showed you pictures of our booth. We told you about our 5th anniversary celebration and we gushed, maybe a little too much, about the cupcakes and champagne we consumed.

Here’s what we didn’t tell you.…until now.

At CrafterNews, we take our knitting seriously. When the wonderfully talented Anna Hrachovec was kind enough to knit an entire tableau made out of the most marvelous miniature Mochimochis (in support of her new book Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi) we didn’t trust that it could be safely shipped without getting damaged. (No harm must come to the Mochis!) I checked my suitcase and carried the display on the plane by hand. I was a little nervous that airport security might have all kinds of questions for me, as a display the size of a small suitcase made out of clever and cunning little knitted creatures has the tendency to make people say “Golly, what is that?” but I guess New Yorkers are pretty jaded—no one at JFK airport batted an eyelash.

The piece got to the show safe and sound, and throngs of people stopped to point out their favorite mini Mochi. “Look at that tiny hot dog!” “Oh, the sweet little mermaid!” “The teeny bride and groom are perfect for my niece’s wedding!” I almost started taking a tally in the name of science and good knitted fun.

When it came time to leave the show, I carefully wrapped the display, and took it with me to the airport. I placed it in the overhead bin, and drifted off to sleep. When we landed, I gathered myself together, claimed my bag from the carousel, and practically had a foot in a cab when I froze in fear. I had left the Mochis on the plane! The Mochis had brought nothing but cuteness and joy, and I had abandoned them! I raced to the lost luggage office. I breathlessly explained to the man at the counter that I had left a bag on the plane. A very important…and unusual bag. He called up to the plane crew, and they assured him that they had already found it. It would be brought down immediately. I have never felt such sweet relief!

Five minutes go by. Ten minutes go by. I turned to the man behind the counter. Nope, it shouldn’t take this long. I was assured once again that they were coming right down.

Another five minutes go by when finally a Delta employee burst into the room saying, “This is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen! What is it??” The others in the lost luggage office perked up as I began to explain. They were as dazzled and beguiled as the knitters at TNNA had been. They were particularly tickled by the airplane in the upper left corner. It turned out that one of the Delta employees was a knitter, and they all speculated how awesome it would be to have tiny knitted planes with the Delta Airlines logo on them, especially at Christmastime to hang on a holiday tree!

I thanked them profusely for rescuing the Mochis. Humans have travel adventures, and now the Mochis do too! Teeny-Tiny Mochimochis have been to New York City (which is where they live most of the time), Columbus, Ohio, and they’ll soon find their way to sunny Los Angeles, California to attend Vogue Knitting Live at the end of September. In fact, they’ve already started inspiring all kinds of travel in us. Our staff members have been bitten by the Mochi bug and have begun making and taking their Mochis to all sorts of cool places. Our colleague Andrea Monfried made a fantastic panda, which found itself in the midst of the Italian countryside, while Caitlin Harpin made a little frog, which found another froggy friend. And no bee can resist honey—especially not the Mochimochi honeybee knit by Betty Wong!

So we propose a challenge! Make a Mochi and take a photo of it in a really exotic (or not so exotic) place! You can find a free downloadable Chicken pattern here to get you started, or if you have to have that hot dog pattern (which really was the most popular Mochi at TNNA!) get your hands on a copy of the book and take a pic of yourself with your new creation!

Mochimochi Photo Shoot

– Kim



About the Book
Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi
More Than 40 Itty-Bitty Minis to Knit, Wear, and Give
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