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Q&A with Anna Hrachovec and Free Project from Her New Book, Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi


Mochimochi mastermind Anna Hrachovec’s new book, Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi hits bookstores today! To celebrate, CrafterNews sat down with Anna to discuss the new book, her favorite mochimochis, and more. Read the below Q&A with Anna, check out the Tiny Chicken project on Scribd, and start creating your own teeny-tiny mochimochi!

CrafterNews: People often say “bigger is better,” but clearly you see the merits in all that is teeny-tiny. What made you go miniature with your Mochimochis?

Anna Hrachovec: I love to experiment with different shapes and sizes of knitted toys, and when I started making miniature toys, I knew I had come upon something exciting. Finishing a knitting project in less than an hour feels almost like cheating, and the little guys that result make the cutest gifts to hand out to friends.

CN: Which teeny-tiny mochimochi is your favorite?

AH: It’s so hard to choose a favorite, but the Tiny Gnome is special to me because he’s so instantly recognizable and all of the gnomes that I knit seem to have a mischievous personality. I’m currently hooked on knitting naked gnomes—you just use skin-color yarn until you get to the hat portion! (Their beards give them a little modesty.)

CN: Is there a particularly funny story behind one of your teeny-tiny designs?

AH: Most of the designs in my book come from a series that I’ve been doing on my blog for the past couple of years in which I make a new tiny design every week and share a photo of it. The original version of Tiny Hot Dog that I posted on my blog had ketchup instead of mustard, and my blog readers were outraged! I got much grief about not dressing a hot dog in the “proper” way, so I made sure to switch to the yellow stuff for the book version. And I have to admit that it came out cuter that way.

CN: Which Mochi is the smallest in the book?

AH: The tiniest in size is Tiny Pear, which is four times shorter than an average pear. But the smallest in scale is Small Saturn, who is about four billion times smaller than the real planet!

CN: Teeny-tiny Mochimochis make great jewelry. Is there a particular one that you like wearing?

AH: When I’m feeling whimsical I’ll sometimes wear a Tiny Gnome ring.

CN: What’s your favorite music to make Mochimochis to?

AH: I listen to all kinds of music while I’m knitting, but I’ve found that the best for knitting tiny Mochis is Jónsi or Fang Island.

CN: What’s the first miniature Mochi you ever made?

AH: The first one I made was a miniature lemming that I made about four years ago. I was so enamored with him that I made 30 or so of them and knitted them a big cliff to jump off of. This turned into one of the first art pieces that I made.

CN: We’ve noticed that people experience a vast range of emotions when encountering Teeny-Tiny Mochimochis for the first time. What’s the wildest reaction you’ve ever witnessed?

AH: I love how excited men who don’t knit (many of them tagging along with their knitter wives/girlfriends at an event) get when they see my Tinys. I have heard genuine squeals coming from very manly faces, and I think it may have inspired some of them to take up knitting!

CN:If you were a Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi, which one would you be?

AH: Tiny Chicken. Wings down when calm, wings up when excited!

CN:What’s the best thing about being Teeny-Tiny?

AH:Everybody smiles when they see you!



About the Book
Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi
More Than 40 Itty-Bitty Minis to Knit, Wear, and Give
Written by Anna Hrachovec
Category: Crafts & Hobbies – Knitting
Format: Paperback, 144 pages
On Sale: August 16, 2011
Price: $19.99
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