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Corrections to Knitting Mochimochi


The following corrections are for the patterns found in Knitting Mochimochi by Anna Hrachovec. The corrections are listed by pattern and page number. We hope you will find these useful!

Gauge (page 19):
In first two sentences of Step 3, the “bigger” and “smaller” are reversed. They should read: If your stitch/row counts are significantly smaller than in the given gauge, switch to a smaller-sized needle and try again. If your stitch/row counts are significantly bigger than in the given gauge, you have a couple of options.

Confused Moose (page 47):
The pattern mentions “larger needles” and “smaller needles,” but you should just use the same needles throughout.

Orbiting Oddity (page 69):
In the second column, instructions for Rounds 31 and 33 are missing. They are both Knit rounds.

Grouchy Couch, Base (page 71):
At the end of the second column/beginning of third column, there is an incorrect stitch count. Corrected sentence: Next rnd: With MC, k38, then BO remaining 82 sts, and BO the last st using first st of rnd.

Love Muff, Lining (page 103):
At the end of the Lining instructions (beginning of third column), the bind off instructions are missing. To finish, bind off all of the stitches.

Later on the page, in the Feet section, a note about the needles is missing. You should use the smaller needles to work the Feet.

Feet Eaters, Large Face (page 109):
The stitch count is off in Rnd 19—you should have 76 stitches at the end of the round, not 80.

Micro Mountains, Finishing (page 119):
In the second column, a note is missing that tells you to stuff the piece before sewing up the cast-on edge.

Design Your Own Knitted Toy (page 130):
Step 4: Number It

The last paragraph of the first column is missing a page reference. Corrected sentence:
(See the section on gauge on page 19.)


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