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Crochet Master Class Authors Jean Leinhauser and Rita Weiss on What's New in Crochet


We asked Jean Leinhauser and Rita Weiss, two of the most well-respected experts in crochet, to offer up their observations on what’s new in this age-old craft.

Mention the word “crochet” to the average person, and immediately images leap to mind of great-grandmother’s lacy and useless doilies. Yet today’s crochet scene is something quite different.

Crochet is one of today’s hottest creative hobbies. It’s moved from tabletops to top of the fashion scene. Designer runways regularly feature crocheted garments, and hardly a wardrobe today is complete without a gorgeous crocheted wrap of some sort. As thinner, more delicate yarns have been developed, crochet has trended toward more wearables, and not just scarves and hats.

Crocheters no longer work with just acrylic and wool and cotton fibers. The list of exciting new fibers reads like science fiction. Yarns today are made from bamboo, banana stalks, corn fibers, kelp, sugar cane, hemp, soy beans—and even very fine stainless steel.

There are new trends in the crocheter’s tools, too. Just a few years ago the crochet hook—the only tool needed to perform this skill—was available in mass-produced plastic, aluminum, or steel. Today, the trend is toward beautiful hooks of turned exotic woods, bamboo, and other materials. An entire cottage industry has grown up of artisans making and selling hooks that are intricately carved, painted, or decorated with jewels.

Crocheted wire and crocheted beaded jewelry is also proliferating, and what was once a mundane skill has become more of an art form.

Blogging the crochet world—and of course the Internet in general—has opened up a whole new world for crocheters. No longer are designs created exclusively by professionals working for yarn companies or magazines. There are now many sites where original designs can be seen and sold.

The trend is toward more experimentation, more freedom, more working “outside the box.” Just about anything goes in crochet today. Witness the popularity of freeform crochet, in which crocheters work without a pattern.

Vintage crochet techniques that have lain dormant for nearly fifty years are suddenly being revived and given a whole new contemporary twist: classes for hairpin crochet, broomstick crochet, Tunisian, Bruges, filet, and many more fill up quickly.

Crochet today is not only alive and well, it’s dynamic and vibrant, and more popular than ever.

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