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Corrections to Make Your Own Toys by Sue Havens


This is a missing pattern piece for Make Your Own Toys by Sue Haven, along with the written instructions.

Beany Bear, page 44 (Also applies to Squirrel, Floppy Bunny variations)

Step 4 should read:

“…..from nose to neck as shown. Sew the back of head piece (K) to the top of head top (D). Begin sewing at the (top) center, and continue down each side of the head, leaving a neck opening. Trim the seam allowance….”

*Alternate solution: Use the back of the head pattern on the lazy kitty (pg. 80 back of head A), and enlarge it 220%. It’s basically the same shape. The instructions for the lazy kitty show an illustration of how to attach the back of head to the head top (page 36, Step 3).

Download the Beany Bear pattern piece on


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Suzanne Gourlie April 24th, 2011

THANK YOU for making the final pattern piece available – I got as far as sewing from nose to neck as shown, and then I was like, “wait a minute…” Ha! I adore your book, already had tons of fun creating my very own Mr. Big Head, it was love at first sight. :) The patterns and directions are perfect and easy to follow! Hope you’re having a great Spring!

Sue Havens May 22nd, 2011

Hi Suzanne, I would really loove to see your Mr. Big Head! Really glad you enjoyed the book, and were able to get the missing pattern which was left out.I was surprised, too!

Linda W July 25th, 2011

Oh yes, I thought there was a correction. I tried sewing the squirrel head up several different ways – none of them worked. I made an additional D (Top Head) piece, and that worked okay. I came here to see what the solution really is. Sue – I love your little stuffed toys. We have made only the squirrel and everyone helped. 4 year old sewed the tail, 6 year old stuffed the head, 15 year old stuffed the body and even my husband sewed the head onto the body. What fun!!!!

Kim Innes January 15th, 2013

Thank you for posting this piece! I’m making the squirrel right now out of pajamas that got too small for my little guy. :) I love this book! I made an awesome elephant and am in process with the squirrel and panda.



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