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Crease + Fold Photo Shoot @ the Museum of Natural History—Behind-the-Scenes Images and Video


In December, CrafterNews was able to go on the set of a photo shoot for one of our forthcoming craft books, Crease + Fold: Innovative Origami Projects Anyone Can Make by origami virtuoso Sok Song! The book won’t be in stores until November 2010, but we took some behind-the-scenes pictures at the shoot, which took place at the American Museum of Natural History.

For the photo shoot, Song folded huge sheets of paper into an 8-foot-tall pink elephant and a 3-foot-tall green dinosaur—we weren’t able to shoot these origami organisms next to their museum counterparts like the huge fossilized T-Rex, but Song’s creations are stunning nevertheless. Also on display in the museum’s lobby was Song’s amazing work decorating the museum’s Christmas tree, a project he’s worked on for the past five years. This holiday season his ornaments were as fun and festive as ever—the theme of the tree was Origami, A to Z, and Song adorned it with hundreds of origami animals represented in the museum’s collections, from Apatosaurus to zebra!

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Video courtesy of the American Museum of Natural History.


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