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Corrections to Kay Gardiner and Ann M. Shayne's Mason-Dixon Knitting


The following corrections are for the patterns found in Mason-Dixon Knitting. The corrections are listed by pattern, page number, and row number. We hope you will find this useful!

Chevron Stripes Hand Towel (page 27)

Column 3, row 6 (RS): Using B, k5, *k2tog, k2, kfb in next two sts, SKP; rep from * to last 5 sts, k5

Dragon Jacket (pages 30-31)

Under “Dragon Panel for Jacket Back, ” line 2, CO 52 sts
Under “Crown and Castle Sleeve Patches,” line 2: CO 26 stitches

Mason-Dixon After-Dark Robe (page 53)

Column 1, lines 15-18: Next row: Work 17(25,32) sts in St st, work center 66 sts in seed st, work rem 17(25,32)sts in St st.

Mason-Dixon Washcloth (page 55)

Column 3, line 28: Round 24: [Ssk, k1, k2tog] psso 6 times. (18 sts)

Felted Boxes (page 60)

Needle size: size 15 (10 mm).

How to Log Cabin (page 68)

Column 1, last line should read: “(You will have 25 stitches, but the beauty of log cabin knitting is that you don’t have to count stitches.)”

Moderne Baby Blanket (page 79)

Second paragraph of Block 9 should read, “Turn work so that the edge containing Blocks 1, 3, 5, and 7 is at top, RS facing. Place marker 63 garter ridges from the edge. Using D, pick up 54 sts along row ends, starting at Block 7 and ending at the marker. Joining B, pick up 54 sts along row ends to end (108 sts). Keeping colors consistent, K 54 garter ridges. BO.

Nina Shawl (page 118)

Column 2, line 4 (instructions for Ruffle) should read: Next row (RS): Inc 1 stitch in each stitch across row.

Baby Bib o’Love (page 133)

Column 1, line 1: BO 20 sts, k final 10 sts.


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